Country’s Largest Raw Milk Supplier Sues FDA for Ban on Interstate Sales

org_pastGot Raw Milk?

The battle for raw milk and food freedom is well under way. Demand is rising and that has mega pasteurized-milk producers running scared, to government officials, looking for protection in the name of public safety. They aim to limit our access to this highly nutritious food so they don’t have to compete with

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it. Currently, the so-called “white gold” can’t be sold across state lines, leaving many with little to no options for obtaining this whole and complete food, which has been nourishing people for centuries.

Up until 1987 raw milk producers could ship raw milk to any state in the good ole’ US of A. But in the last couple of decades, access to nutrient dense foods such as these is becoming more and more scarce because of pressure from food and pharmaceutical industry giants who view them as a threat. These special interest groups lobby government officials who, in turn, legislate or regulate small famers out of business, eliminating their competition. The food-pharmaceutical complex and its hired hands in the government have gone so far as to lie about the health benefits of raw milk and other organic foods. Hell, they even lie about their own products – just look at their labels.

Their biggest hired thug is the FDA, whose aim isn’t public safety but corporate protection. That’s right, it’s mission is to protect “big” cheap food from having to compete with “little” healthy food, leaving us simpletons with pre-packaged, sterile foods, which contain little to no nutrients.

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures – the largest raw milk dairy in the country, based out of Fresno, California – has had enough and is taking the FDA to court. He’s suing the agency over its current ban on the interstate sale of this precious and delicious food, and I was lucky enough to speak with him in a recent interview.

Mark claims that there is overwhelming evidence that proves raw milk, from healthy grass-fed cows, is far superior in flavor and nutrition than the pasteurized swill found in the meg-lo-marts around the country.

He wants to sell his fine product to stores in Arizona, where people have been demanding it. It’s natural – really natural, unlike the naturally labeled “stuff” in commercial grocery stores – wholesome and safe. If it’s safely nourishing people in California, why can’t it safely nourish people in Arizona? It’s not going to spoil or go bad by crossing some arbitrary line carved out by our overlords. Or as Mark

said, “There’s nothing that happens across a geopolitical line that causes someone to spit in the milk.”

When asked why the FDA wouldn’t respond to his citizen’s petition, filed over four years ago, about the ban of interstate sales of raw milk, he said, “The FDA is a corrupt food organization. It’s a revolving door for former employees at Monsanto, Tyson Food, Dean’s Food, and the Dairy Processors, who can’t get their greedy their mitts on my food. It’s not meant for long shelf life, like pasteurized milk, it’s meant for the gut. It goes from my farm to the consumer.” That has the big “food” producers mad because they want a cut of his action. They want to get paid for processing his food. Well it ain’t gonna happen.

Tear Down the Wall

It’s high time people start telling government officials enough is enough and demand their freedom back, especially when it comes to food. Why should people in Arizona and other states where raw milk is unavailable suffer because of this interstate ban? Many of them need access to this healing, medicinal food. If the crumby state legislatures don’t have the spine to legalize raw milk production, at least let it come in from another state.

This wonder tonic has been known to cure ailments from autism to allergies, and for me – it makes me feel good, healthy and alive. I can drink a glass of raw milk and egg yolks and feel like I’m on top of the world, not even Bill Gates with his vaccinated GM crops, the FDA, or any other pathetic corporocratic agency can stop me.

McAfee has been busting is hump for 13 years, been shut down three times and continues to fight, like a rabid dog. This man won’t be beat. In order to survive, though, he complies with new rules and regulations to a T. Mark explained, “In order to shift the paradigm, I need to stay open and grow my business.” You can’t do much that if the state shuts you down.

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Quick compliance is the key to staying in the fight.

It’s hard to challenge state goons head on. They have all the guns, money and resources and can make a farmer’s life miserable in a matter of days, stealing all the fruits of his labor. They don’t care; they’re bottom feeders, gut-maggots with no guts. Instead of letting us milk, drink, and sell our own raw cow’s milk, they’d rather milk us instead. Pump us with pharmaceuticals, sterilized foods, soft drinks and other unhealthy junk to make us productive for 8 hours, and then crash on the couch and zombie off watching Dancing with the Stars. We’re looked at like confinement cattle. Our over-lords only let us out of our cage for the occasional milking and then back to work.

We’re the cash crop and they’ve been harvesting us for too damn long. Well, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! And neither is Mark. “We’re gonna battle the FDA out in the open and make them respond

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and look at the facts.” – he said.

So, now he and the Consumer Legal Defense Fund are bringing the fight to FDA, by slapping a lawsuit down upon them. He wants an answer to why they continue to ban the interstate sale of this wonderful product. And while the courts haven’t responded to his suit, the line in the sand has been drawn. What side will you stand on, freedom or tyranny?

To hear to Brad’s interview with Mark, click here.

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William Hoey
William Hoey

The joke is that the "family farms" being defended are 8-10 thousand machines that take in food at one end and provide milk for cheese mostly,fertilizer to grow the feed on nearby land, new critters (like interest on a savings account) and hamburger on the other end.....its all about water and market control....

William Hoey
William Hoey

It is totally economic and protecting markets across state lines, check out the CA methods of absolutely stabilizing dairy profits while restraining competition ..... the strongest, most influential industrial lobby is CMP....


The basis of their whole science is flawed. In other words it is a false science masquerading as the truth. Louis Pasteur put it best when he said "The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything". This was his deathbed confession for misleading all of science to believe in the almighty power of the germ theory. Scientists are not well versed on health and life only death and disease so they readily miss the fact that enzymes kill germs. And that God's gift of grass fed milk to us is loaded with enzymes. Ahhhh yes, but the monetary profit in the germ theory is too great, so as to blind their eyes. -- The above is what I posted on the above is what i posted today on  See the following article from Michael Schmidt's FB page: 

now Health Canada is offering an opportunity to comment on whether regulations ought to be made or changed.

It’s a joint effort with the Food and Drug Administration in the United States which is extending a similar invitation.

Their joint risk assessment is that soft cheese made from raw milk are 50 to 160 times more likely to sicken people with bacterial attacks, such as Listeriosis, than similar cheeses made with pasteurized milk .

Dr. Doug Powell comments on his Barfblog website that “while raw milk and raw milk products put all consumers at risk, the bacteria they may contain can be especially dangerous to people with weakened immune systems, older adults, pregnant women and children.”

The two agencies are inviting comments that would help them to improve on:

• the approach used;

• the assumptions made;

• the modeling techniques;

• the data used; and

• the clarity and transparency of the draft quantitative risk assessment documentation.

To submit comments electronically, go to docket FDA-2012-N-1182 on

The comment period opens February 11, 2013 for 75 days.

John Gjedde
John Gjedde

Anything they can do to prevent healthy food, they will. And they will preach free enterprise while shutting down small raw milk producers. Too bad pasteurized milk is such nasty stuff, but it is.


Admirable  stance, great courage and relentless determination in your quest free us from the tyranny of those who have proven on countless fronts it's neither here nor there if they kill us. 

Much praise to you Mark , may you continue the fight with greater and greater strength . As you know Your faith is your power.

Tracey Clegg
Tracey Clegg

Its full out banned in Australia. Keep fighting it if you can. Our milk is getting worse and worse

Food Riot Radio
Food Riot Radio

I think Mark's trying to make the point that the ban is stupid, even though the Federal Government has the authority to do so. He stands behind his product and has the facts to prove. He wants the FDA to explain their position in front of a jury and let the people decide. I'm not sure if a jury could nullify this or not but it would be sweet if they could.

Robert Mark Iacomacci
Robert Mark Iacomacci

Under the Commerce clause the Federal Government actually has the power to ban it. One of the rare areas it has power, so, they should save their money and export the idea on how to do it as opposed to the final product. Just my opinion. In almost every instance I do not support actions of the federal government.