Is it Diet Coke or Diet Milk?

tnWe’ve got a code red, code red! Boom! Officers kicked in the doors and came swarming in, like a bunch of angry wasps, guns drawn and looking to shoot the first thing that twitched. I sat still, silent, watching the security monitor in the back room guarding my cooler filled with one of nature’s most precious foods – raw milk.

My heart was racing and beads of sweat dripped from my head to the cold concrete floor below.  A bottle of milk slipped little by little through my fingers and, in what seemed like slow motion, crashed into the floor. Glass and milk surrounded me like a pool of blood at a crime scene.

I imagine that’s how farmers feel when the FDA and other government agencies raid their farms, like the gestapo pigs that they are.

Will the milk industry stop at nothing to eliminate its competition? How far are they willing to go to get their declining sales to rise again?

The Fix

Well, it recently came out that the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) have filed a petition with the FDA to add aspartame or sucralose to sweeten milk. If you thought pasteurized milk couldn’t get much worse, it has.  The dairy processors even want to add it to sour cream, whipping cream, yogurt, and almost every other type of dairy product you can imagine.

As if adding these products weren’t bad enough, big dairy doesn’t even want you to know about it. That’s right – they don’t want to put it on the label. Here’s what the dairy associations had to say in their petition:

“IDFA and NMPF argue that nutrient content claims such as “reduced calorie” are not attractive to children, and maintain that consumers can more easily identify the overall nutritional value of milk products that are flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners if the labels do not include such claims. Further, the petitioners assert that consumers do not recognize milk — including flavored milk — as necessarily containing sugar.”

A classic case of misinformation and propaganda brought to you by big dairy.  What’s next? Carbonated six pack cans of Mountain Milk? C’mon man! They don’t even want to label it. They don’t think you have the right to know that you’re consuming poison. Yes, aspartame is poison.

When are consumers gonna wake up and stop buying all of this pasteurized, irradiated, garbage? Skim milk used to be considered a waste product. Now it’s considered “low-fat” and supposedly good for us, even though it tastes like chalk-water.  Well, why not add some artificial sweeteners to make it taste better? “We better not tell them though, because consumers are catching on to the fact that aspartame and other artificial ingredients aren’t good for them,” corporate stooges whisper into each other’s ears. What’s wrong with these guys?

Real farmers feed skim milk to their pigs. Well, it looks like corporations want to feed us to the pigs instead.  Fatten us up and slow us down, until we become obese, sterile sheep ready for the culling.

Had enough?

You’re darn right I have and you probably have too. “Oh, well, what’s Brad gonna do?” you may be asking. I’m already doing what all of you need to be doing – not participating in this racket of corporatism. We know government and corporations are in bed with one another. Fascism is upon us and action is needed. Stop buying pasteurized dairy products from the meg-lo-marts, especially the big name brands from the biggest stores. The bigger the brand, the worse it probably is.

“Well, how do I know what’s in my food? ” you may be asking.  That’s easy, go to the farm and see for yourself. If producers of food don’t have the guts to label their products correctly, stay away, far away – next question.

If this doesn’t wake you up, I’m not sure what will. If you think our overlords have our best interest in mind, think again. It’s hard to think, though, when our brains are clouded from all the processed foods they shove down our gullets. But, if you’re still reading, then there’s hope, there’s a way out.

Breaking the chains

You wake up first thing in the morning and throw out all the processed garbage that’s in your cupboards.  Don’t even wait to take a shower… okay, take a shower, you smell funny.  Now, once all the processed garbage is thrown out, go down to the farmer’s market and get some fresh veggies, fruits, meat, nuts, soaked-grain or soured, homemade breads and other foods people used to eat before the industrial revolution… traditional foods, got it. Get these foods and get them into you. Ferment them, roast them, bake them, eat them raw. Yes, why not do them all? Do this for a week and see how you feel.  After one week, try another week.

Okay, now it’s been two weeks and your energy starts coming back. You’re feeling good, alive, and awake. You’re starting to question political leaders, your boss, mainstream media, and people in general.  By the third week you’re running wild. You start telling people what’s on your mind, you’ve stopped lying, and you have an opinion. You’ve unplugged your cord, cut the chain with your bare hands, and started being man for the first time in years. Then, when your boss asks you what exactly has happened to you, say, “I decided to eat free or die, Wooo! And I listen to Food Riot Radio.”

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And just how many families with several kids can afford to eat like this? The "good" food is too expensive! I know what you're going to say about "health" but if you don't have the money, you don't have it!!

Ld Lawrence
Ld Lawrence

If "neotame" used. ...legally, it wont have to be on the label because it is soooooo small. Its nano aspartame. clever?

Sheila Milne
Sheila Milne

No Aspartame in my drinks or anything. I hate the stuff

jenni_lulu 1 Like

@PrimalDocs did you read about the lawsuit Cargill won vs Mexico over high fruc corn syrup? Companies w/$ can negatively change food supply.

Guest 2 Like

Yeah for raw milk! Yeah for the people willing to speak up!  And yeah for those willing to educate themselves for the benefit of their families!

Egle Fuller
Egle Fuller 1 Like

I say... Educate yourself and care... I think that critical thinkers who do not buy into conventional lifestyle will find ways to support farmers that produce healthy raw milk and those who refuse to...there is no need to convince ...everyone makes the choice..

JosieFaye 1 Like

Texas just made a dairy farm pour out 700 gallons on milk, because someone complained ab out the people coming to a drop point to pick up their milk. It seems that in Texas you can buy whole raw milk, but you have to GO TO the farm to do so. What a bunch of idiots. They're trying to kill us all.

tomato gal
tomato gal 1 Like

I drink raw milk. In my state, you have to have a cow share to do so, raw milk is not sold in stores.

And you have to be careful about Farmers' Markets. Even though they sell fresh produce, if you're in a cold winter climate like I am, those products are purchased, and they're not organic. So even though I frequent the local market, I don't buy much there unless it's organic, or I know it's not been sprayed. The same with the meat products. I buy organic eggs, but they're not certified organic, as I know the farmer.

KevinNewton 3 Like

I was born and raised in New Zealand, where everybody drinks non-processed (and sometimes non-homogenized) milk from grass-fed cows. I loved the stuff and have been drinking it all my life (I'm in my forties now). I came to the United States 3-4 years ago and, since then, I am ill every time I drink milk or consume any dairy product. A recent trip back to see family New Zealand and I could drink milk again. I get back here and I can no longer touch the stuff. Proof positive that they are deliberately poisoning us!

PhoenixFirestar 2 Like

My family and I get sick whenever we drink homogenized milk, but can't afford the extremely high prices of local raw milk. Instead, we're drinking local cream top milk that has been pasteurized, and just with that little bit, my severe depression is gone, we don't get sick to our stomachs when drinking milk or eating anything that we've made with the milk, and our son has had less asthma attacks and doesn't get sick as often. I'd like to get into farming and be able to help low income families get the good organic food they need. Even a trade program of work for food with free daycare for any parents that come. If a farm here did that, I'd be there almost every day.

For anyone interested in great local milk fed with locally grown grass -

DeckFarm 2 Like

And another reason to drink local raw milk... "@WestonAPrice: Aspartame coming soon in Milk Cartons....

jfellrath 2 Like

@PrimalDocs Could be a marketing opportunity for organics: "Make sure your milk is aspartame-free - buy organic!"

Douglas Cave
Douglas Cave 2 Like

Oops. I'm seeing this story from several good sources now.

oiseau 1 Like

6% alcool added would help?

Conspirazzi 1 Like

@taboulichic @RumsfeldOffice ASPARTAME + MILK = GOOD TIMES

Ez Jean-Baptiste
Ez Jean-Baptiste 2 Like

I posted an article about this on my page the other day. Nothing is safe anymore.