Should You Buy Human Growth Hormone To Slow Down Aging?

Human growth hormone or HGH is responsible for fueling the growth of body during childhood. The body continues to use this hormone throughout life to maintain organs and tissues. However, its production slows down at the start of middle age. This has resulted in use of synthetic HGH among people who want to delay the effects of aging. There is no scientific evidence available to support this claim but people continue to buy human growth hormone for this purpose. They expect to regain youth and vitality. Health experts do not recommend using HGH for treating aging.

It is only in certain medical conditions that doctors recommend use of HGH. It is recommended mostly for children facing deficiency of this hormone but it may also be recommended to adults in some medical conditions. Adults facing the problem of HGH deficiency may be prescribed synthetic form of this hormone by the doctor. The patient may be advised to buy human growth hormone in such conditions. Deficiency of this hormone may be due to development of tumor on the pituitary gland. Individuals who have undergone treatments like radiotherapy and surgery may also need this treatment.

HGH injections can increase a person’s physical progress. It results in increased bone density and the muscle mass increases. The person is able to exercise longer without feeling tired. There is faster recovery after a hard workout. HGH injections are recommended in muscle wasting AIDS and HIV related diseases. In healthy adults, HGH use is not recommended but its use has been increasing. Users have reported lowering of body fat and increase in muscle mass. However, there may not be much perceptible increase in strength even if the muscle mass increases. There are other benefits that users experience after using HGH.

Various side effects are reported when individuals buy HGH and use it without prescription. Users have reported symptoms like increased insulin resistance. There may be edema which is swellings in the legs and arms. The person experiences muscle and joint pain. Men may see breast tissue enlargement. The user may experience carpal tunnel syndrome. HGH can cause heart disease and type II diabetes. Some reports suggest increased risk of some types of cancers. The side effects are generally associated with older adult users and not with younger people.

Most users generally buy human growth hormone in an injection form. No pill form is available. Some online sellers offer human growth hormone for sale in pill form but their claim of its effectiveness is not substantiated. Individuals suffering from unnatural and early onset of aging effects should consult their doctor. In many cases, these effects can be controlled by making changes in diet and lifestyle. A healthy diet and daily routine of physical activity is necessary to avoid and control the effects of aging. There are many websites that sell regenerative medicine and anti aging hormones. They offer HGH for sale. Some practitioners also prescribe use of such synthetic hormone to fight the effects of aging.

Many bodybuilders, athletes and other individuals continue to use HGH for performance enhancement purposes. Their claims may not stand scientific tests. At most places, distribution and marketing of such synthetic hormone for performance enhancement purposes are illegal. Many people continue to use HGH without proper prescription. Anyone planning to use such a synthetic hormone must understand the risks. There is little research to suggest the effectiveness of HGH in controlling the effects of aging. At best, users have seen some increase in body mass. They were able to shed body fat to an extent. They reported a drop in cholesterol levels but there was no change in bad cholesterol like LDL. There are few studies on the subject so it is difficult to link its use with the risk of cancer. Users planning to buy human growth hormone must be aware of its side effects.